I started to follow the Pup in Late July and he started to mentor me in August. I have to say he has been tremendous for my growth in studying and trading the markets. His breadth in all things trading (day, swing, positional, as well as long term investing) has stood out most to me. He is well prepared and very generous with his time. I would recommend the Pup to traders of all levels who are looking to take their trading to that next level.

- Bruno G.

I wanted to let you know that I am so thankful to have you as my mentor. You have helped me grow to become a better trader by not only teaching me technicals but also making me aware of the importance of trading psychology. The one-on-one sessions with you have been the best investment I’ve made in my trading journey. You’ve helped me so much with learning how to use charts, indicators, and Fibonacci tools. I appreciate your patience in taking the time to teach me step by step how to navigate the trend spider platform. A few important lessons I’ve learned from you relate to trading psychology. I’ve been able to take my emotions out of trading as well as identifying my mistakes. Your encouragement and guidance are priceless. I can say that after working with you I’ve been able to consistently grow my account and am up about 200% in my main account. I look forward to working with you this year to become a better trader. Thank you!

- Reyna P.

An incredible forum!!! OTE (Our Trading Edge) has set the standard for the trading industry. Having met Dan, aka @ThePupofWallSt last May in another forum, I posed the question “could I pay you for a service to assist me in charting and how to identify opportunities?". His response: “It’ coming”. Launched in June of 2020, he delivered as promised. A trading forum that provides not only live chat with their top traders but a bell to bell live squawk box of market moves and trade call outs.

Offering member chat, a daily watch list, day trades & swing trades along with crypto and biweekly trading education, in my eyes and the eyes of other members a platform for your acumen to increase tenfold. Second to none.

-Bill M.

Trading was something I was always interested in but never jumped into with both feet. After finding The Pup through social media channels and joining his various platforms (Our Trading Edge, Twitter, his email newsletter, etc.), I have been a loyal follower ever since. His knowledge is extensive, but more importantly, his desire to educate about how trading works is ultimately what has kept me coming back for more, day in and day out. Whether it is his educational videos, his trade plans that incorporate his rationale, or his constant willingness to be available to chat/meet privately, The Pup has enabled me to develop my own trading edge through his education and guidance. As this opportunity has allowed me to alter my family's financial future, I owe The Pup a debt of gratitude I am not likely ever to be able to repay.

- JayBud

Meeting Danny and being brought into this group has made my last 8 months. I connected with his trading style immediately, and learn more each day from the other expert traders as well as all our members. It is wonderful to not walk this journey alone anymore, as well as be with leaders that are straight forward and amazing teachers. They also genuinely care for each person, their learning and their trading journey; and will answer endless questions and post endless charts to help us each day. I still follow their charts, and although I don't trade options, I can easily adapt and assess what I need to buy in shares. With their help, I was able to scratch my way out of a hole much faster and continue to thrive most days with continued gains. The classes are top-notch, easy to follow and understand, and am so happy not only to recommend the OTE group but highly encourage you to join. I am so happy my brother just joined not long ago, and he has said, after only two weeks it has made a big difference!

The Pup of Wall Street Rocks to be sure!

- Stephanie N.