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$AI We missed the pullback entry due to the gap up. Now we wait for $161

$AMWL This setup is still valid, keep a stop loss at $31

$BAND Wait for the breakout

$BEAM We’re gapping over our entry. Watch for a gap fill retest and bounce.

$CCIV We may have completed wave 3 of 3 yesterday. Wait for a pullback entry to around $30. News of the merger with Lucid Motors should come any day now.

$CELH We nailed this entry yesterday, let’s see if we get a continuation today.

$OPEN We took a small hit with the offering yesterday but I still believe if we hold and close over $27, this trade is still valid. It’s certainly a long term hold for me.

$RIDE Still a valid setup.

$STPK This one is just getting started.