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Very good article about Chainlink if you are investing in crypto.

"In this article, I take a deep dive into Chainlink and blockchain protocols, and explain why I think Chainlink is the greatest asymmetric risk/reward investment of our lifetime."


It is said that Mordor’s fiery pits have been glowing red for decades, slowly but surely churning out a storm of such evil and destruction that words fail to describe them.

A storm of epic proportions. A storm that is headed our way. No one truly knows where the eye of the storm will hit, or where it will strike first, but one thing is for certain - it is coming.

The storm I reference is the great financial storm of our lifetimes. A storm caused by decades of horrible monetary policy that have led to a world with $200 trillion in debt, and no reasonable way out.

The Great Reset, some are calling it. How bad will it be? When will it happen? To be fair, no one knows. However, whereas Sauron’s ring was the one ring to rule them all and the root of all evil, Chainlink is the one token to rule them all, and the root of all truth.

The vast majority of Americans no longer trust our global and financial overlords, and many of us have been driven towards a more decentralized future. A future where we no longer have to rely on banks and governments to do the right thing because, spoiler alert - history tells us that they probably won’t.

This has given rise to open, decentralized, and trustless forms of digital currency and applications that cut out the middleman, i.e. banks and governments, and in turn, give us more control of our financial futures.

In this article, I make an attempt at explaining not only the value proposition of blockchain protocols, but more importantly, how smart contract technologies combined with Chainlink have the potential to quell the great storm headed our way, change how we do business at the DNA level, rebuild our financial infrastructure from the ground up, and kick off the start of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

In order to help your understanding of Chainlink, I’ll briefly touch on what a blockchain is, and what came before it: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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